CNG Fueling Stations

CNG Fueling Stations

The Right Solution is Available

Nat G® offers a broad array of fueling solutions including the Nat G 500 Series system for mid-sized fleets. We are a fully qualified* dealer/installer for a number of leading CNG fueling systems . Of course, you can always use the growing network of public stations, but for most fleets a private station can save money and add convenience.


Some Basics

CNG is ordinary natural gas compressed to 3,600 psi. Unlike oil which requires extensive refining and aftermarket additives, natural gas is refined by “Mother Nature” and is ready to run straight from your pipeline.

The heart of any CNG refueling station is its compressor. These are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet your needs. They are usually rated in cubic feet per minute (cfm) or gallons of gasoline equivalent (gge) per hour.

There are two types of CNG refueling options: time fill and fast fill. A time fill station sends CNG directly into your vehicle and uses the vehicle tank for storage. Your compressor rating (gge/hr) and the size of your tank tells you how long it will take to refill. Most systems can fill multiple vehicles simultaneously using inexpensive fill posts. A fast fill adds on site storage so you can fill directly from the storage tanks in about the same time it takes to fill an ordinary gasoline or diesel tank.

Advantages of a Private Station

  • Fuel Price – At $3.00/mmbtu and 10 cents kwh, the variable cost for making your own CNG will cost under $0.70 / gallon of gasoline equivalent.
  • Convenience – the station is located at your facility which can increase productivity.
  • Designed for your needs – the fueling station can be designed to fit your work-style. Overnight refueling is a lower-cost option for companies that return to home base most days. Fast-fill is better for companies that need to fill up between trips. Home-based refueling works best for companies that have take-home trucks.

* Nat G CNG Solutions® is fully licensed by the Texas Railroad Commission to install and maintain CNG fueling systems.

Contact Nat G™ today and we can design a solution that works for you.

Big Volume in Small Packages


Nat G offers a wide range of medium and small fleet fueling solutions including the innovative Nat G 500 and Nat G 1000 Series station on a skid, small Bauer compressor solutions, and BRC Low Pressure and Residential Fueling Solutions. Whether you have five vehicles or 50, we have a low-cost, fully packaged solution that will meet your needs.

Nat G 500 & Nat G 1000 Series Features

Nat G 500 at Texas Railroad Commission Facility in Corpus Christi, TX

  • 23 – 46 GGE’S per hour
  • 46 – 92 SCFM @ 4,800 PSI
  • 4 Stage Reciprocating Compressor
  • Continuous Duty
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Durable & Reliable – used by US Navy
  • Made In Germany and the USA
  • Available as a time fill, fast fill, or hybrid
  • Skid Mounted for simple set-up

The Bauer Micro Series CNG System

  • Powerful, completely integrated CNG system cialis pas cher in a compact footprint
  • Efficient and reliable, this unit is a perfect system for organizations getting started with CNG
  • Integrated CNG system, both easy and economical to install. Just connect utilities, hook up fuel post & the system is ready to fuel. Comes with single phase option
  • Attractive, state-of-the-art design means that the unit is suitable for placement within public view
  • Easy to maintain with low cost of ownership makes the unit very economical to operate
  • BAUER’s legendary performance, quality and reliability are guaranteed and backed by the best warranty in the industry

Bauer C120 CNG Fueling System

Large Scale Fueling Stations Available

(pictured above, station built by Nat G for Lewis Energy in Encinal, Texas)

You wouldn’t buy a dump truck to haul your tool box, you wouldn’t buy a school bus to commute to work! But when it comes to Natural Gas refueling, too often we find companies installing stations that are far bigger, and far more expensive, than they really need. It’s like buying a dump truck to carry your tool box! At Nat G™ we work with many companies that are thinking about installing a private refueling solution. The key to getting the best price, best service, and best overall solution for your private refueling station is:

  • Understand your real demand patterns and needs
  • Size the station for what you need today
  • Design it to be expandable for the future

A private refueling solution can be a great solution that can save your company more than $1.00 per gallon on its fuel. 

But all of those savings will evaporate if you

do not size your station correctly. Here at Nat G™ we start with our proprietary Station Sizing & Design Model that allows us to work with you to interactively test different refueling scenarios and demand patterns today and into the future. We can then help you complete a preliminary design and source from a wide range of equipment options from leading partner companies, so we know we can find the ideal solution that will best meet your needs. Our initial consultation is free, so call us today and we can help get your company moving forward.