Dual Fuel

NAT G Dual Fuel Program Reduces Carbon Footprint for Class 7/8 Trucks

Desel-powered Class 7/8 trucks can reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the consumption of diesel fuel — displacing it (up to 60%) with CNG/RNG fuel.  This is done by converting existing diesel fleet trucks to run on both diesel and CNG/RNG. Nat G also works with natural gas suppliers to optimize fleet use of natural gas. 

Dual Fuel diesel/CNG-RNG systems for Class 7/8 trucks offer key advantages over diesel only:

  1. Natural Gas is a domestically produced alternative fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil sources that are impacted by world economic and political instability.
  2. Reduces fleet operating costs since CNG costs less than diesel.
  3. Enables fleet operators to take advantage of alternative fuel incentives offered by state/federal programs.
  4. Can extend the range of long-haul Class 7/8 Trucks by adding fuel capacity.
  5. The comprehensive Nat G program includes both vehicle Dual Fuel and CNG fueling infrastructure to support Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  objectives that an increasing number of fleets are focusing on.
  6. Reduces carbon footprint of TODAY’s fleet trucks, especially by the use of RNG.  No need to wait for battery powered technology that is likely years out for Class 7/8 long haul trucks.